Copyright 2012 Welcome to Last Breath Studios. We are excited to announce J.E Richards latest book, “A Last Breath”. A Last Breath is a culmination of years spent in a rural Mid-Western environment, hearing tales of the unknown and unseen, told by fire light on frosty autumn nights. The stories presented in 'A Last Breath', are the authors' original creations based on imaginative musings supplemented by black and white illustrations. Apple hill 2015 a success! Thank you to all our new friends that we met. As promised we will update our site with more pictures. If you would like a print please send us an email. We plan on attending October, 24th and 25th at Apple ridge farms We will also be unveiling J.E. Richards second book Cailleach Teine at Apple ridge farms on the 24th.                                                                                                                        Enter Webstore Here   click here for video